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Corporate Culture

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  Corporate culture generally refers to the general term of common ideal,fundamental values,style,living habits and norms of behavior formed by an enterprise in a medium and long term;and the total of spiritual fortune with the enterprise’s characteristics created by the enterprise during operating management.It has charisma and cohesion to enterprise members;can unify many people’s interests,goals,demands and behavior generated because of these factors;and is the reflection of the long-term culture construction of the enterprise.Corporate culture includes values,the highest goal,code of conduct,management system,morality and so on.
  Core of the Corporate Culture(Enterprise Philosophy)
  Operation Is Principal,Management Is Supplemented,Performance Is Creed,Promotion Is Important
  Fresh and Blood of the Corporate Culture(Behavior Culture):
  Management Process,Work Standardization,System Legislation,People Oriented
  Appearance of the Corporate Culture(Visual Image)
  Auspicious Color–orange represents enterprise vitality;auspicious color-blue represents corporate mind;
  Auspicious font–Song typeface represents enterprise standard.
  Three Major Structural Elements of the Corporate Culture:
  Material Culture Element,Spiritual Culture Element and Institutional Culture Element
  Ten Corporate Culture Requirements:
  Dream–To strive to realize Jin’ao business dream persistently and truly
  Goal–To help customers to create value and enhance their own social quality unremittingly
  Principle-Down-to-earth,practical and realistic,continuous innovation,and data-based
  Management-Enhance overall situation concept,win-win thinking,focus on communication and survey and form methodology.
  Plan-Reasonable planning,rigorous and orderly,important affairs first,to do important affairs in the prime time
  Execution-Dare to assume,complete intended results in time required with high quality
  Learning-Always keep a learning attitude,and constantly improve ourselves
  Team-Unified ideology,form joint forces,use people according to their abilities,and pursue team success
  Quality-Well-designed,attention to detail,and do things correctly in one time.
  Ethics–Upright,trustworthy,promise-keeping,supervise and attack behaviors damaging to the interests of the company
  1.Enterprise Spirit
  Jin’ao Enterprise Spirit:Sincere,United,Responsible,Enterprising,Innovative,Common Development
  Jin’ao People Spirit:Quality–Jin’ao people’s dignity;innovation–Jin’ao people’s soul
  Market:Jin’ao people’s battlefield;integrity–Jin’ao people’s life
  Corporate Slogan:Learning from Huasheng,striving to be the first in the industry
  Corporate Tenet:Make customers satisfied,employees happy and the country prosperous
  Corporate Goal:Create a World Famous Brand,Cast a Time-honored Prosperous Enterprise
  2.Talent Concept
  Virtue and Talent Concept:Those with both virtue and talents are genuine;with virtue no talents are defective;with talents but no virtue are toxic and without virtue or talents are waste.
  Employment Standard:Character First,Ability Second,Experience Third
  Only by selecting the right people can you do the right thing
  Incentive Mechanism:To gather talented people by sharing wealth.Let employees pay efforts together and enjoy fruits together,so that the vision of enterprise development and staff prosperity can be achieved better.
  3.Work Style
  Jin’ao Work Rules:Direction,Method,Integrity,Resolution,Efficiency,Feedback
  Direction:Direction,Goal,Strategy.Grasp Direction,Define Goals,Develop Strategy
  Method:Method,Measure,Tactics.Figure Out Methods,Use Skills,Decide Tactics
  Integrity:Integrity,Honest,Implementation.Down-to-earth,Honest and Trustworthy,Monitoring the Implementation
  Resolution:Resolution,Persistence,Performance.Steadfast Determination,Stick to Principles,Carry Out Firmly
  Efficiency:Efficiency,Effectiveness,Benefits.Improve Efficiency,Ensure Effectiveness and Focus on Benefits
  Feedback:Feedback,Report,Summery.Active Feedback,Initiative Report,Summarize Experience
  Jin’ao Work Principles:Do today’s work today;do emergent things right away;do important things according to plan;do your own work by yourself;do complex things after combing;do things you have promised;spare time to do trifles;do arranged things initiatively;do difficult things after asking for instructions;and do all things seriously.
  Jin’ao Rules:Explicit job responsibilities,supervise and implement assessment;less talk and more work
  Work Standard:In the Post,Do the Job,Do the Duty,Fulfill the Responsibility
  Essence of Management:Responsibility quantification is the essence of management
  Four Elements of the Work Flow:Duty Officer,Time,Results,Feedback
  Duty officer is the sole person responsible for solving the problem;time is the affirmatory time period when the duty officer solves problems;results refer to the final implementation situation of solving problem by the duty officer;and feedback refers to report made by the duty officer to the reflector about the affirmatory results.
  Execution:Abilities of completing tasks on time with guaranteed quality and quantity
  The key is to keep promise;the destination is result-oriented;the keynote is never give up and the focus is customer-centered.
  4.Operating Management
  Business Tenet:Start from Customer Demand,End from Customer Satisfaction
  Work Policy:Focus on Operation,Management,Training,Process and Results
  Work Objective:Improve Production Efficiency,Stimulate Work Enthusiasm,Guarantee Quality,Quantity and Time,and Ensure Staff Income
  Field Management 6S:Neaten,Rectify,Clear,Clean,Accomplishment,Safe.
  5.Quality Awareness
  Quality Policy:Quality First,Continuous Innovation,Excellent Quality and Reasonable Price,Customer Satisfaction
  Quality=Life,Are you responsible for your life?
  Eight Principles for Comprehensive Quality Management:Customer-centered,Leadership Role,Total Employee Involvement,Process Approach,System Management,Continuous Improvement,Fact Based,Mutual Benefit Relationship with the Supplier
  Five Factors of Solving Product Quality Problems:People(Operator),Machine(Equipment),Material(Raw Material),Method(Method)and Environment(Environment).
  Three Inspections of Quality Management:First Inspection,Routing Inspection,Self Inspection
  Cognize Quality:Strengthen Quality Awareness,Improve the Quality System,Be Strict on Quality Standard,Standardize Quality Behavior,and Perfect Quality Assessment
  Three Selves and One Control:Self Inspection,Self Classification,Self-made Identification,Control Self-inspection Pass Rate
  Survival of the Fittest in Natural Selection
  No Love for Job Means Unemployment,No Dedication,No Job
  Not to find excuses for failure but to find a successful way
  Today’s Efforts for Tomorrow’s Harvest
  Attitude is everything;details determine success or failure
  Attitude decides behavior;behavior cultivates character;and character determines destiny
  Not work hard today;strive to look for a job tomorrow
  A qualified employee starts from strict compliance
  Self-improvement,Healthy Competition,Mutual Appreciation and Mutual Support
  Integrity and Common Prosperity,Self-Discipline and Social Commitment
  7.Safety Warning
  No safe work today,no guarantee of life tomorrow
  Safety is a responsibility for yourself,your family and the others
  Leaders’command against rules equals to commit a crime;employees’illegal operation equals to suicide
  We would rather choose stopping production but conduct no illegal action
  No lessons with blood;but avoid blood and tears by lessons
  Absent-minded in work,accidents knock on your door
  8.Life PhilosophyCorporate Culture
  A successful man learn experience from the others but the failed one just learn experience with himself
  More communication,less complaint;more understanding,less dispute
  Be grateful for people who trip you,because he strengthens your ability
  Be grateful for people who denounce you,because he facilitates your wisdom
  Be grateful for people who deceive you,because he enhances your knowledge
  Only by assuming responsibilities bravely can one assume greater responsibility
  Life exists due to hard work and struggle is eternal because of life

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