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  • Time of issue:2020-11-09 10:40:03
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  Dear friends:
  First of all, I’d like to, on behalf of all employees of Jin’ao, express my deep respect to friends at all circles. Sincerely thank you for your concern, encouragement, support and help to our cause! Under the concern and support of friends from all walks of life, on the warm fertile of Yimeng and in the dozen years of winds and rains of reform and opening up and guided by the idea of seizing opportunities and developing ourselves, we have gradually developed into a rigorous, pragmatic, energetic and united group enterprise producing small gasoline engines, small agricultural water pumps, plant protection machinery, garden machinery, plastic products, carburetors and die-cast products with complete production equipment and inspection measures.
  In the tenet of “Integrity Oriented, Quality First, Technology Based, Striving for Pioneer”, we have won wide customers’ recognition with superior products, suitable prices and satisfactory service. Under the encouragement and support of friends at all circles and the unremitting efforts of all employees, we seize opportunities, meet all challenges and constantly improve ourselves, develop and strengthen ourselves while providing service for friends at all walks of life!
  We are willing to carry out extensive exchange and cooperation with domestic and foreign friends!
General Manager:Gao Jun

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